Service Level Commitments are the commitments made by an IT organization to the Business or IT Customer.  SLC's match SLE's on a one-to-one basis.  This is simply The IT organization agreeing to support each of the Customer's expectations.

“Mark worked for me at Sun Microsystems for six years.  His professionalism, his in-depth knowledge of many subjects, his leadership in Professional Services methodology development, and his flexibility to wear whatever hat was necessary for either Sun or our Customers made Mark the consumate face of Sun we were proud to have on our Team.”

Scott McNealy

Sun Microsystems Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO  

Wayin Co-Founder & CEO

"Mark and TMTG, are the consultant’s consultants. They are excellent communicators who bring intellectual horsepower to any project. They hold an extensive and valuable inventory of business and technical management knowledge, particularly in mission critical systems. On the human side of any project, what’s great about working with them is that they have a unique skill for enhancing project team bonding. In other words, they keep it amusing."

Roger Askling, PMP

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Service Level Objectives are the individual solution capabilities required to support each SLC that IT commits to the Customer.  This is usually a many-to-one relationship from SLO's to each SLC.

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Gaps-to Go are the gaps in an IT organization or Customer required to deliver on an SLO.  The Gaps-to-Go allow a project to deliver a Customer solution more quickly and cost-effectively by only working on gaps in delivering SLO's.



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Service Level Expectations are the expectations of the Customer.  This can be a Business Customer or an IT Customer.  It can state availability needs or other functional system requirements.